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Frequently Asked Questions

The office is OPEN, albeit in a limited way and by appointment only. This is because the gates to The Mall are presently locked and so we cannot gain access via our main front doors.  Of course, we need to adhere to the Government’s social distancing guidelines, so if you need to visit the office, please call 01229 870110 or email


Yes, we are actively encouraging loan applications from members.  For more information regarding our loans, go to or call our office on 01229 870110.

Yes, notwithstanding the lockdown period, we are still recruiting new members.  You will appreciate that, due to the social distancing guidelines, appointments will need to be made by calling 01229 870110 or you can apply to join by going to and completing the joining form.


All savings deposits and loan repayments received by bank transfer (the BACS system) will be recorded on the member’s account on the day of receipt, as usual.  Please continue to use your initials along with your unique BDCU membership number, as the BACS reference number.  We can send you details of how to send funds via BACS if you need further assistance.

Any saving withdrawals can be requested by email to anytime or by ringing 01229 870110 between our normal opening hours of 10am to 3pm each weekday.  Arrangements will be made with you to access your funds.  Confirmation passwords will be required.

If you usually make your loan repayments in cash, you can still do this by making an appointment to visit our office.  To make an appointment, call 01229 870110 during our normal opening hours of 10am to 3pm each weekday.

If you have not previously actioned a withdrawal by any of these methods before, please be aware that we will ask you to confirm your password.  Alternatively, you can text our mobile number, 01229 870110, and a staff member will ring you back during our normal opening hours of 10am to 3pm each weekday.  We can discuss any issues with you by phone to ensure you understand how we can help you.

Wherever possible during the period of ‘social distancing’, transactions will be carried out through bank transfers (BACS).  If you do not have a bank account, please contact us on 01229 870110 so that we can discuss possible alternative arrangements with you.


BDCU will contact you, in the usual way, via the contact details we have on file, to let you know when your benefits have been deposited.  We will then discuss options regarding the withdrawal of funds.

All financial problems are dealt with on a personal level and you will need to contact us by email at anytime or by ringing 01229 870110 between our normal opening hours of 10am to 3pm each weekday, to discuss any issues you may be having.  We are already experienced in helping out members who have fallen on hard times and will try to assist you as much as we can.


Yes, all savings are covered by something called the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so that in the unlikely event that something happens to the Credit Union (although we’re not expecting anything to!!), then your hard-earned money is protected and will be returned to you.